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My New Life from beggarofnet

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My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet My New Life from beggarofnet
Game[/url], where you will embody the life of a young[/url] man. That he has been alone with his sister[/url] in the house of his stepmother and his two daughters[/url]. You should go to class, work and have a life in this new city. Get to know your classmates and neighbors. With you live hot situations and romantic dates.
Version 0.3

- Fixed bug of passing days.
- You can not skip the first day of class after the introduction
- The keys of Maria are no longer in the inventory
- Maria's package is no longer in inventory
- Dating now give more love points
- Dating avalible at night
- You can access the phone directly with the AVPAG key
- All characters portraits are new (now have expesiones)
- The name of the box has been added in the dialog box.
- Dialogues corrected and improved.
- Graphical adjustments and problems of gameplay.
- Fixed several errors.
- Bug shower arranged.
- Added consistency in the events in which the girls spy[/url] on in the shower.
- Bug milf[/url]´s magazine Fixed.
- Repair Door of the food store.
- New Map High Neighborhood
- East Town is functional.
- Added East place in school[/url]
- Bookstore added
- Sex shop added
- Added Morgan House (now functional)
- Added Marckus House (now functional)
- Added Beth´s house
- Reviews, Photos
- Remodeling House rachel.
- Bookstore train sex added
- Testers room included in clothing store.
- The school is now closed from 12:00
- Added new sounds, music, icons and graphics.
- Now you can play a Maria while she sleeps.
- New Events with Rachel
- New events with Sandra.
- Added love events at Rachel's house.
- Interactive sex with Rachel
- Now you can enter Miss Taylor's house and make copies of your keys.
- New card to Sarah
- Small events, different and cover orbetray to the foreman's wife.
- Minigames in stealth training
- New Shasha character
- New Jet Merchionne Characters
- New character Mother[/url] of Marckus
- New Character Mother Beth
- New Character Father[/url] Morgan
- Mss.Gyna sprite changed
- Mother Marckus Sprite changed
- Added dialogues to Mrs. Turner out of school.
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Size: 492

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